storybystory's Journal

we pass each other on the stairs--INXS

I married my best friend from college—twice! (the first time was totally for keeps, but now we're legal in MA and Canada and other quality places.)

We live in Boston with 2 weasels and thousands of pounds of books. (Okay, cats. And I love them madly. But, trust me...weasels.)

Stitch and Lilo are my heroes.

Some of my best friends live at the New England Aquarium. (in my next life, I am totally coming back as a rockhopper penguin.) (Or possibly a Fraggle.)

I follow women's NCAA gymnastics (Roll Tide) and Left Behind Fridays and As the World Turns.

I love scifi tv, but miss out on all the fun speculation, 'cause we're always a season behind (Netflix is our King.)

I am an amateur foodie and read cookbooks page-by-page like they're novels.

I am quite possibly addicted to parentheses.
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