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Hot Damn (Also, Damn Hot)

(Supernatural spoilers through all aired--anything else is speculation)

I'm beginning to wonder if Sam's demony powers aren't a bit beside the point.

Uriel has told Sam that they were only keeping him around because it was convenient.

And now, Uriel's told Dean that he can be replaced.

So maybe their value lies elsewhere--they're a nexus, in the wrong place at the oh-so-wrong time, attractive to both sides because their connection offers the ultimate leverage in controlling either brothers' behavior. 

If so, it's great that Ruby got there first, as if the angels are merely piggybacking on her strategy.  It would also mean Sam's powers could play a much more interesting role in the endgame--a  possible complication for both Heaven and Hell, rather than a driving force behind either of their plans.

For me, this would be much, much more interesting than going to the good brother/bad brother Cain and Abel place.  

I am also really relieved, in terms of story-direction, by Dean's admission about his time in hell.  The problem with shipping characters off for extended, offscreen torture is realistically addressing their trauma when they get back--you can't spend too much time on that without changing the whole context and focus of your story, but if you don't touch it all, you run the risk of making it seem like they're just able to essentially "walk it off." 

The same goes with leaving what happened too unspecified, because after a while it just seems to signify taboo--i.e, sexual--violations, most especially with a male character, and I just have no tolerance for the resulting implications, about what some individuals can apparently tough out with no lasting effects.  Most, most especially with a male character.**

But if Dean spent 30 years as a torturee, that equals roughly a decade as a torturer.  This fits perfectly into canon, going a long way to explaining how humans become demons, rather than demons being a separate species--and also explains a lot of what's been motivating Dean since Castiel pulled him free--not the pain of his experience, but the shame.  If he was that special to God, shouldn't the rescue team have made it before his resistance broke?

I'd bet serious cash that, in Dean's estimation, both John and Sam would've lasted longer, particularly given that he believes Sam is fighting off his demon-given instincts every minute of every day.  It also really answers my gripe about Dean's refusal to consider that Sam's powers could be used for good, because there's knowledge underlying it that has nothing to do with his faith in his brother as a decent man.

On another note, this season is like fan fiction bingo--Mary has a secret badass hunter past .a male crossroads angel answers Sam's summons! (no deal, so no kiss, but the moment is there)...There's. Sex. In. The. Impala!

I'm pretty sure some people have been waiting for that last one since the damn pilot.  I've never understood the cars=sexy thing myself (1), but I'm still pretty happy, 'cause really, I'm just here to see Dean Winchester cry.

**ETA: This is why I like hurt/comfort fan fic--I don't particularly want to see the all the fun stuff in the show swallowed by some lengthy exploration of the dynamics of trauma and recovery, but it's nice to see some of these beats played out elsewhere.

(1) Motorcycles, and y'know, girls on motorcycles, is an entirely different story.