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That's A Wrap

I was going to post something hostile and bitchy about the failure of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to do in the Phillies.

(I know they changed their name, but their performance the last few weeks has certainly seemed demonic.  Besides, marine beasties are way cooler than a "beacon of light [radiating]...throughout the state.")  (What?  That was barely snitty.)

But I guess it could be (semi) comforting for us Sox fans to think that bringing down our guys obviously took everything the Rays had.  (And Then Some.)  

Besides, my best friend lives in Philly and, despite our constant scheming to get him the hell out of there, I belatedly discovered the other night that he's actually been rooting for the home team.  (he's a Diva, not a sports fan...if you're reading this, honey, I honestly had no idea.  I don't have it in me to say anything gracefully congratulatory, however, so let's just leave it at that.)

Now that baseball season is ovah, I need to get work scouting for my fantasy college gymnastics team...I haven't seen a date yet, but judging from last year, the draft will be underway in about a month!