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Joy in Mudville

Other Red Sox fans may find this inappropriate, but though I'd love to be cheering them on tonight, I'm not actually unhappy with the end of their season.  They showed HEART in those last 3 games and you can't ask much more than that (okay, run production.  Especially when the guy on the mound is pitching his guts out for ya...oops, sorry, wrong post.)  

I bounce very easily into we'll-get-'em-next-year mode.  Sure, sometimes this can be harder than others, but I just don't generally get being doomful about sports: thanks, I have my actual life for that.

(There was some radio bozo in NY a few years ago, spouting about "mourning" and how fans shouldn't be leaving their houses...seeing how the country is AT WAR and all, I personally think this attitude shoots right past absurd into utterly shameful.) 

As all our teams have come to grief this season, my dad suggested he and I might should at least CLAIM to be rooting for Those Other Guys. 

For the Rays' sake, the best I can do is hope no such voodoo is at work, because Just. No.  

C'mon, Tampa Bay, show me a little more of that devastation you wreaked in games 3 & 4 and the first seven innings of 5 in the ALCS.  Please!

(Yeah, yeah the Phils got first blood, but we got a lot of baseball to play here...work with me, dudes.)