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So Very Satisfying

(all kinds of spoilers for the season 2 premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

I know it'd be a total shame to typecast her this way, but I could easily watch Summer Glau be the girl with the guns for a long, looong time.

Yes, I love River, and I realize you can make a case for Cameron practically being her clone, with their deadly, devastating grace and their often affect-less approach to the world around them.  So perhaps it is just fangirl denial to say I buy them as completely separate characters. 

I can live with that.

I think the rest of the casting is also genius.  It's a tried-and-true fanfic cliche to write crossovers pairing an actor's character from a new show with characters from previous gigs, so I can't wait to see some quality teen romance for John Connor and Claire Bennett.  (Thomas Dekker's Zach was sweet, but clearly no match for Heroes' indestructible cheerleader.  And by "teen romance", I mean exactly that.  Not everything's about the pr0n. )

I wasn't familiar with Lena Headey before this show, but I really like how chafingly raw her Sarah's bond with John is.  There's a whole essay's worth of parallels you can draw between Sarah Connor and Supernatural's John Winchester and the ways in which they raise their sons, but I hafta say, I don't find her parenting choices nearly as infuriating as I found his in the first season. 

(I think the key difference is that her sole motivation is really to keep her son alive, safe from forces that are actively pursuing him, whereas the Winchesters' dad is going looking for the danger he puts his boys in.  Yeah, the demon wants Sam, but I think there's a fair amount of textual evidence that John Winchester didn't figure that out until pretty late in the game.)

I admit that, at first, I could not believe they were attempting to pass off Brian Austin Green as an action hero--seriously??--but, um, well, I mentioned how I went looking for Sarah/Derek fic, so clearly I'm finding their chemistry kinda hot he's growing on me.  Um, yeah.

J didn't watch most of last season with me, citing "too much apocalypse before bedtime."  This, from a woman who loves Dexter.  (To be fair, she pretty much has to watch that earlier in the day by default, since I don't even like to be home when it's on.)

However, there's added inducement this season. 

As soon as she could tell I was enjoying the music for the opening scene, she smirked, "You who this is, right?" in such a way that meant there was only one possible answer, 'cause my lack of appreciation for Garbage is a well-documented phenomenon.  (As is her lack of appreciation for "that adult contemporary crap."  In high school, I was buying classic JT and she was spraypainting Smiths' lyrics on her bedroom walls.  We are just generally not musically compatible.)

Neither of us paid any attention to the promos, so it was news that Shirley Manson was joining the cast.  Suffice it to say, I think baby has a new redhead. (1)

Of course, this means I hafta put up with her snark.  As soon as John tossed the flare into Cameron's would-be pyre, she poked me with, Aaaand the boy becomes a man.  Ya know that's what they're going for, right?

I repiled, So it's a little cheesy...stop trying to spoil my fun

She mighta thrown me a bone, but not a half a scene later, while Sarah's out there talking to the bathroom door, she (correctly) crowed "he's in there shaving his head!" (2)

Okay.  Unutterably cheesy.  At times. 

But I loved Cameron asking Sarah if she believed in the Resurrection, the story (!!) of Jesus Christ, and Sarah's response.

And did I mention Summer and the guns?


(1) It goes without saying that Dana Scully is not now, and never will be, replaceable.  World without end.  Amen.

(2) Um, ya might've thunk that was obvious, since the episode title was "Samson and Delilah".  But I missed that until I was googling around after, failing to find a link to the lyrics to the abovementioned song.  Which, of course, also referenced Samson.  And I thought the writers were being heavy-handed before I started this post...yeesh. 



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Sep. 9th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
thank you for footnote #1
Ah, you do understand my feelings about the real redhead. Manson might be entertaining, but she is no Scully. Even if she can icepick someone through the head with her index finger.
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