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(**Things that would make me--and ADA Ben Stone--enormously happy.  Yes, I've taken liberties--the last item of the original quote concerned putting away some skel-of-the-week, but I say we gotta dream bigger than that.)

We went to the Boston Museum of Science so I could catch the "Baseball As America" exhibit before it closes and it reminded me that, this time last year, I kinda thought I was getting one of those.

I'd like to think that since the Sox have now got 2 championships safely in the bag this century, my new city would forgive me the loyalty to my old one if the Amazins get another shot.  (Notice I did not say "when."  I am so not taking the blame should anything Get Blown.  Also, I'm not crazy--this excludes the possibility of them going head-to-head, in which case J plans to lock me in the closet for the duration. )

Being a fan of both teams might seem odd, but it came naturally.  I didn't move here until 2000--while I'm sure there was lingering enmity from '86, I wasn't exposed to any.  You can root for both teams all season without incident (interleague play is an abomination, so I choose to ignore it) and having the Yankees as a common enemy is a helluva plus. 

It might seem fickle, but I wouldn't love just any team.  I was in Atlanta for 4 years and spent my time in Turner Field rooting against 'em (yeah, usually I was there 'cause the Mets were in town, but trust me, against Chipper and co., anyone would do.  Except, y'know, Derek and co.   Nothing good can come from a Yanks-Braves Series, nothing good at all.)

Despite what I said above, I'm probably going back to radio silence on this topic until further notice.  'Cause people who believe you can affect the outcome of a game you're watching on television by repositioning your hat are clearly not rational, and I happen to be one of 'em.   It's also why I'm not planning on talking more about the last item on the list-- the heartbreak is killer when you're hoping for something this hard.