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Pt 1: Just Another Incest Poet

(The title really isn't meant to be offensively glib or glibly offensive.  It's just after years of writing about such things in the very public context of workshop, I find it's easier to be the one cracking the jokes.)

The first fandom I ever read was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I didn't start reading it until after we had finished watching all seven seasons on dvd.  This wasn't because I was trying to avoid spoilers.  It didn't even occur to me to look for it until after it was over, because the real impetus was how attached I had gotten to the characters and their world.  I missed them...I just wasn't ready to be done.

I started reading Firefly fic for the same reason.  This was well before the movie release and it was a marvel to me both 1) how fully realized these folks had become for me in just 14 (obviously far from) measly eps and 2) how well some of the fanfic writers were able to echo them. 

I've mentioned before how drawn I am to River--I was starving for more about Serenity and her crew, so I read pretty much everything.  Except the stories, often marked CSI (for Crazy Space Incest), with a sexual and/or romantic pairing between River and her brother, Simon.

It wasn't that it was incest, per se--it just seemed so completely against Simon's nature.  The whole point of the Tam siblings' story is that Simon gives up everything in order to rescue River from those who are doing her grievous harm.   It was just implausible to me that he'd ever hurt her himself.

I realize that, in some or even all of the stories, the relationship might be consensual.  That River could be the initiator, that it's cast in a light where "hurt" isn't seen to come into play.  I don't actually have any issue with any of those things being possible and I'm sure I could find stories where I even found it believable, if I looked.  But I didn't--just not my thing, is all.

So why doesn't the pairing of Supernatural's Winchester brothers bother me? (It's called Wincest.  C'mon, you knew it would be...I ain't the only one to joke about this stuff.)

It's definitely not that it's male-male.  I thought I was already pretty sure of that, but it became really clear the other day when I casually went searching for some fic 'shipping Sarah Connor and Derek Reese and got squicked just learning that some folks were pairing Derek with his nephew, John. 

The most obvious answer is that Sam and Dean are only four years apart.  Though Sam will always be younger, much of their story on the show is concerned with the ways in which the two are coming to regard each other as adults, and equals.  Sam doesn't need or want to be the protected little brother any longer.

(There are plenty of Wincest stories in which the characters are either underage and/or not consenting, but I don't usually read them.)

Simon, on the other hand, is nine years older than his sister.  Often, when trying to wrest concessions from Mal or the others, he's the first to point out that she's still only a teen-aged girl.

Not to mention the exact way in which River is not quite right, which usually manifests in ways that make her seem a lot younger than seventeen.  Far be it from me to try and deny her agency as a sexual being because of this.  (Really, really far.)

A significant difference could be that I got hooked on the Supernatural fanfic before having watched a single episode.   So, having essentially fallen for the pairing, I was predisposed to continue thinking of them that way no matter I saw on the screen.  


I guess what it comes down to is that I just read what I like and skip the rest, and I wouldn't bother with all this theorizing at all, except I'm about to do something wicked scary and REC something.

It's really me, y'all, even though I said it wouldn't be.