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(Being things that popped up while I was writing my Potter post, none of which have anything to do with Harry...)

I never started watching 24 because I read an interview, I think in TV Guide, right before it premiered, where one of the creators basically said it'd be exciting to see where they ended up (just to be clear, he seemed to be talking about the writers, as well as the audience.)  I don't think every show needs to have every detail plotted out in advance (I watch soap operas, fer chrissake), but in this case, the premise was the very point of the enterprise—you wanna tell a story that tight, but you don't freaking know where you're going with it?  So not worth my time.

Alias was a major disappointment in much the same way—I got all hooked into the Rambaldi mysteries, I wanted them to mean something, but they just kinda drifted in and out of the plot.  Plus, there wasn't nearly enough Sydney/Vaughn action and way, WAY not enough Irina Derevko.  Nothing against Jennifer Garner, but Lena Olin is smokin'.  Most of her airtime was during season 2, which if I find the right sale some day, I might just snag on dvd.  (Note that I didn't read fanfic back then, or I probably could've at least gotten my Syd/Vaughn fix.  It wouldn't have helped with Irina, though...there was no one on that show worthy to 'ship her with.)

Usually, I'm an all-or-nothing girl when it comes to owning TV dvds, though Angel's another exception.  In that case, it's season 5.  Because, 1. Spike; 2. the puppet episode; and 3. erm, well, that would be Spike.   (Sorry, honey.)   

I was fairly indifferent to David Boreanaz all through both Buffy and Angel, but I do kinda like him on Bones, which I watch now and then.  This is probably entirely a reflection on his chemistry with Emily Deschanel...damn, I should google to see if anyone's done Brennan/Derevko crossover, cause that might be, to use what I've gathered is the technical fanfic term, YUM.

I've got all this TV on the brain cuz I'm waiting for the late Aug./early Sept. releases of the all shows we're watching from a season-behind:

Torchwood.  James Marsters meets Captain Jack, woo hoo!

Heroes. I know lots of folks were disappointed, at least pre-strike, but I'm holding good thoughts, because I thought the first season was brilliant storytelling...talk about knowing where you're going, the moment when Nathan (“big deal, I can fly”) finally stepped up to the plate in his little brother's quest to save the world was payoff the likes of which is seldom seen on mainstream TV.

Pushing Daisies.  We've seen maybe half an episode, but I have a deep love for pretty much every single minute of Wonderfalls.  Which was around so briefly we probably would never have even heard of it if J hadn't been killing time in a hotel during a business trip.  She actually called me while she was watching to say  “Oh, my God, this show is so great, it's probably already been canceled” and she was right.

All I know about Battlestar Galactica's 4th season is that the first part just ended and it probably won't be available for, y'know, frakkin' ever—I'm so unwilling to accidentally be spoiled I'm not even trying to figure out the schedule.    J really, really loves me, 'cause she knew all the details of the big Cylon reveal, like, six seconds after the season 3 finale aired,  and not only did she keep it to herself all the months it took before it was available this summer, she continued to do so as we were watching each ep unfold and I couldn't help but be all hyper-speculative.  She was heroic, I tell you.  (Also, I may have promised her Grievous Bodily Harm.)

Our house is officially a Comcast-Free-Zone, but we mostly don't watch even the networks we can get with our little rabbity ears in real time anymore.  No commercials is great, but hunkering down with 3 or 4 eps at once when you're really in the mood for 'em is just so much more enjoyable than planning the rest of your life around needing to be at home at a given hour on a given night. (1)

Of course, I'm doing that now, to catch up on season 3 of Supernatural.  The only other thing I've bothered to watch as it was airing first-run episodes in years was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Which of course means they'll probably be scheduled opposite each other come the fall. 

Which, in turn, means the Impala and her boys will be heading back to the Netflix queue.  I love me some Sam and Dean, but c'mon.

Hot. Chicks. Kicking. Ass.

How is that a contest?

(1)Yeah, yeah, no TiVo, either.  It's like the Dark Ages.  For the record, the web geek is all about the leading edge, it's just television she mostly doesn't give a crap about.  Which is why I gotta get on figuring out the deal with the box.