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Friday Catblogging (snerk)

Back where I threatened proposed to blog about our fur-persons, I didn't specify which kickass scifi chicks they're named for (stealthy, I know.)

I kinda tricked my X File-loving wife into Scully.  I didn't watch the show myself and her affection for the agent in question always caused me to refer her as “that redhead” in an uncharitable tone of voice.

But the two felines already in residence at the time both had names with literary associations (1) and while I would have been happy to continue the tradition, I didn't like either of the two she was lobbying for—Watson, for Lila Mae Watson in The Intuitionist and Edgar Mint, for the title character in The Miracle Life of.  (For the record, I loved the first book, and to her continuing scorn, haven't read the second.)  

I just didn't like the names as names, but I could see I was fixing to get stuck with one or the other of 'em unless I took extraordinary measures, so I just opened the door and let her run right through.  (I knew she would've suggested it herself if she believed for a hot second that I'd go for it.)

Luckily, she didn't have any objections when I got my heart totally set on naming our next cat for Joss Whedon's mind-reading genius.  

River just speaks to me.

Despite the fractures and the damage, she's still so capable of such playfulness and joy.  

Plus, you know, she can kill you with her brain.  Which, actually, is a skill I'm pretty sure most cats think they possess.


(1) I have to take sole responsibility for Virginia, since I was single when I got her.  I'm not really that big a Woolf fan, but I was re-reading the letters she exchanged with Vita Sackville-West at the time, which are just gorgeous and sexy and enchanting.

Meelo we named together, for the protagonist of Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow and Children of God (they're separate novels, but you hafta read both, I promise you won't be sorry.)  I'm not a fan of re-using pet names, but I might make an exception someday, because Meelo is just my most favorite cat name ever.