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Just Gotta Say

(spoilers for SPN 5.10, "Abandon All Hope")

I really just lurk around the edges of Supernatural’s online fandom, so I have a fairly limited sense of the overall reaction to last night’s ep.

I won’t say that I’ve never found aspects of the show’s treatment of women dismaying, but for what it’s worth, here were my gut responses to Jo and Ellen's deaths:

--it ain’t a war without a body count (and, yeah, I want it to be characters who will make me, along with their surviving buddies, cry…anything else is cheap and cheating storytelling.)

--injured comrade left behind to blow the bridge--and, in so doing, allow for others to escape and continue the mission--is a time-honored genre cliché (and, as such, I can’t agree that it reads as passive or unheroic or the kind of action typically relegated to female characters.)

While I can certainly respect that it didn’t work for everybody, I thought Jo and Ellen were really given a chance to shine—there were kickass lines (self-respect, FTW) and great use of the beautiful, believable mother/daughter chemistry between the actresses and their deaths have meaning and weight, not only in this episode, but in the larger story being told.

For me, it wasn't disappointing at all.