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Best. Moment. Ever.

(spoilers for Supernatural 5.02 and earlier)

You want to take the Impala?


Splitting up again may be their worst idea ever (did we learn nothing last season???)

But that was the most achingly perfect Winchester expression of love I can imagine, and I am most definitely including Dean’s crossroads deal in that assessment, because I don't think that choice gets criticized nearly enough (both within in the show and out in fandom.)  It's like Dean's sacrifice has an exemption from the "road to hell=good intentions" bit that everyone seems oh-so-willing to throw at Sam.

But Sam dies at Cold Oak exactly because he refuses to kill Jake and take his place as Azazel’s favorite, an out-and-out refutation of his demon blood, an act negated by Dean’s intervention.  I’d like to think the story might eventually get around to recognizing this point.

But even if it doesn't, at least we'll always have the picnic table at Rivers Pass.