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Opening the Door

I really want to post about the Supernatural finale, because I pretty much adored it, but I got the official word yesterday, that yes, when my team transitions to our new home, I won’t be going with them.

I knew it was coming, but somehow didn’t grasp how, quite apart from all the fear/anxiety around losing a paycheck, it was just going to make me sad.

I’ll still be there through the end of June, and there’s even a possibility I could rejoin them in a few months, but I can’t bear to think about that too hard right now, because it’s too dependent on stuff we can’t control (grant funding.)

On the bright(er) side, having those extra 20 hours a week on my hands feels like it might really clear the way for more writing (and, much as  I love ‘em, not just about Sam and Dean.)

It took time, but over the years, I’ve gotten used to letting the tuff one out to play.   I can’t say it doesn’t scare me, but maybe this summer it can finally be the teenager’s turn.