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Spiraling Downward

(Talk about Supernatural 4.21 below...)

Every time Sam says Dean is too weak to stop the Apocalypse it sets my teeth on edge--it’s a cheap shot, and I mean at the audience, because I thought the key point of the entire series was that Sam thinks it has to be him because he’s the one with the evil inside him.

It just reads to me like the writers are stacking the deck, making Sam as hurtful as possible so we don’t forget who the bad guy is here.

And yet…

Bobby said every damn thing I’ve been muttering at the TV for months, like could we maybe trust Sam a little more and Castiel a little less?

And Dean’s echo of John’s ultimatum when Sam finally walks out the door could be more (really great) misdirection, just like all the stuff I loved in the Siren episode.

Because no matter that John saw it as betrayal and abandonment, going to Stanford was actually about Sam making the right choice, to grow up, to be his own man.

So maybe Sam is headed exactly where Dean’s feared all along, the final steps toward a darkness he was damned to before he was even born.
But maybe not. 

Because anyone can make the mistake of doing the wrong thing for the right reason.  Even Dean.

I promise not to vent my heartbreak on y'all next week when if it turns out, despite the brilliant set up all season, they go with the more obvious Evil Sam option.