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Prayer Made Him Prey

(Spoilers for Supernatural 4.20, "The Rapture", and gleeful speculation for what comes next)


a) Jimmy and Claire could be used as vessels because of their blood


b) Sam is willing to reveal his secret, not just because he needs the fix, but also because it provides the only means to freeing Jimmy's wife from possession without having to kill her in the process


c) Castiel’s promise to keep Jimmy’s family safe sounds a lot like Azazel's offer to protect Jake's mom and sister if Jake would just do as Azazel asked


d) this is a universe peopled with Arabic and Norwegian and Algonquin and Greek myths, plus a metric ton of evidence that the lore don't always tell the full story, where the abiding rule is you can't trust the supernatural.


Angels are freakin' supernatural, is all I'm saying.

(This may make it sound like I’m jones-ing for God to turn out to be the bad guy--and, okay, I kinda said I was, all the way back in episode 4--but what I really meant was that I wanted something more rich and intricate than a good::evil//heaven::hell//Dean::Sam dichotomy.   Sure, I'm a sucker for some stories like that--the Empire vs the Rebel Alliance--I just think we've gotten a lot of clues that the Winchesters' story is going somewhere a bit different and I'm damn excited to see the follow-through.)