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Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been

(Completely spoils SPN 4.14 "Sex and Violence", but I only hope I'm right about anything else!)

When I first suspected that the smart and sexy Cara might actually be Sam’s incarnation of the Siren, I thought it was a tad annoying.  Okay, it’s nice that they’d maybe include a version of the female ideal that didn’t involve poledancing, but Jeez, Sam never gets the human girls.  I said so to J (1), and pretty much on cue, Dean did the same (“What is it with you and the monsters?”)

Yeah, yeah, Sam and his demon mojo.  Bad News.  We get it, alright?

But then Dean got to the club and Nick got in the front seat and I thought, Man, they shoulda made it him, and THEN THEY DID.

The truly fun part is that I think I almost fell for the same red herring twice.  Dean’s Siren-induced confessions seemed just right, but Sam’s bugged me at first.  He’s arrogant, thinks he knows better than God (and Dean) and everyone, strong enough to stop the Apocalypse all on his own. Blah and yada and so on.

That’s not Sam talking, it’s the Brother vs Brother Plot Device of Doom.


Sam’s desperate…been told over and over that the darkness is coming for him and there’s nothing can be done.  The angels believe it.  His brother believes it.  His father took that belief with him to the grave.

Sam’s desperate and afraid and maybe it’s crazy to think for one minute he can stop it, but hey, all the other roads are closed. 

I know that feeling.  I’ve had that feeling.  It can read as arrogance, but it’s actually something else.  And very, very Sam.

The best part is that Dean throws his Madison-Ruby-Cara line before getting envenomed.  Even though they’re both oh-so-obviously lying in the final scene, the worst of Dean’s distrust was already out there. 

And I kinda want this to be the biggest (not) red herring of them all…’cause Cara’s not, in fact, a monster.  And neither, in truth, was Madison. 

Ruby’s damn sure a demon, but maybe, just maybe, Sam working with her doesn’t lead where Dean and the angels think.

1. J is only watching to humor me, which she does with much love and only moderately copious amount of teasing...at least this ep had some eye-candy for her, too (smart and sexy and hot.)