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Something Completely Different

SimGym is underway!!! (um, that's Fantasy Women's NCAA Gymnastics, y'all.)

Meet the 2009 SilverDragons:

Corey Hartung, SR (University of Florida)
Adrianne Perry, SR (University of Missouri)
Geralen Stack-Eaton, FR (University of Alabama)
Kylee Botterman, SO (University of Michigan)
Haley DeProspero, SR (University of Oklahoma)
Mehgan Morris, SR (University of West Virginia)
Kelley Hennigan, JR (University of Denver)
Taylor Jacob, JR (Boise State University)
Lora Evenstad, FR (University of Nebraska)
Kelsey Morley, SO (Michigan State University)
Brittney Hardiman, SO (North Carolina State University)
Maureen Moody, JR (University of Michigan)
Jacqueline Shealy, JR (University of Alabama)
Danielle Ikoma, SO (Stanford University)
Beth Rizzo, JR (University of Utah)

Geralen and Jacq tumble for my beloved Crimson Tide (please note that this affection applies solely to the Women’s Gymn team…I am aware that most Bama alums would find this both treasonous and sacrilegious, but having been an out lesbian poet at that institution, I make zero apologies.)

Lora is my first Husker gymnast, which is nice, as J did her time in Lincoln (never went to a meet, though--this was years before we were dating, so that's excusable, I guess.)   Winchester fans will see that the Cardinal is also represented, by Dani, although I’m sure Sam had no idea his school was home to a world-class gymn team.

For the third year running, I have failed to draft a Georgia GymDog, despite the fact that they've won the past FOUR National Championships.  They're the Tide's archrivals...I just can't do it, exceptionally fine athletes though they are.

This iteration of the Dragons are pretty exceptional themselves and I'm looking forward to having 'em face off against their archrivals...the Baby Faced Assassins! (last year's top team and, seriously, how can ya not love that name??)



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Jan. 25th, 2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
Sacrilege Indeed
Nice way to distance yourself from your alma mater. Remember, you gained one of your most prized "possessions" there.

Roll Tide 4Ever!

The Diva
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